Our Philosophy

This page is used to give you, the reader, a sense of where we are coming from. We think this is important when considering a business relationship.       

We believe that we, the human race, have the technological tools and information sharing infrastructure to live in a world completely powered by renewable energy - a net zero world. The most significant barriers to 100% renewable energy are not technological, they are cultural. People's opinions about energy are changing and that is good but the change is gradual.  Our aim is to help the world change by degrees to a culture and infrastructure that runs on renewable energy. 

Our method is to teach, here a little and there a little, about the physical laws of energy. Those who understand technology have an obligation to teach policy makers and the public at large so that marketing scams can be avoided, feasible goals can be set, and rational policy can be written.  There is a gulf between the technologically savvy and the politically savvy.  One camp likes to work with materials and natural phenomena; the other prefers to work with people and society.  Only a few rare individuals have the aptitude and desire to live in both camps.  While the gulf will always exist, we need to build bridges across it, the more the better.

We believe planning is undervalued and misunderstood in our society.  Enthusiastic action often precedes good planning. Likewise, drawn out planning suffocates action. Bold unapologetic leadership is needed to create a good plan and carry it out.    

We believe that change will happen after steady and concerted effort.  Policies and products that promise quick and easy solutions are generally misguided and divert our attention from the tasks at hand. 

We believe that there are no perfect products or solutions just smart designs and intelligent choices.  We believe further that mistakes will be made and improvements will arise from mistakes.  Z by D believes that much innovation is stifled in our society by litigation, false marketing, and unreasonable expectations.  Common sense, integrity, curiosity, and courage are the principles under which innovation can flourish.  

We believe in the efforts of the common person and that by small degrees we can change the world.