"Do more for less”, how many times has the contractor been asked to do that either directly or indirectly?  At least once on every job.  Building for efficiency is the right thing to do but it can make the job harder for contractors.  Especially when the specifications are full of new language like “pressure balanced rain screens” and “self adhesive weather membranes” and new standards like “achieve a whole building air tightness level no greater than 0.25 CFM75”.  

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At Zero by Degrees we make sense out of the specifications and envelope details to help contractors find the best ways to build them.  We work with your schedule to test and check the envelope during construction so we know how well things are working before they are covered up. Call us as soon as you see infrared imaging, fog testing, water infiltration testing or building air tightness testing in your project. We can at least help you understand these new envelope requirements.    

Need help setting an air barrier standard? Link to this guideline for setting barrier standards.